Chipotle is switching things up and we can't say we are mad about it.

The chain is currently in the process of testing out six different menu items, including their first trek into dessert.

Here are the new and exciting treats:

  • Quesadillas: these will be filled with cheese and a choice of meat, fajita veggies and/or sofritas. (This has been on the *secret* menu for awhile but is about to become official.)
  • Nachos: expect the chain's tortilla chips, topped with beans, salsa, lettuce, cheese and their somewhat-new queso.
  • Salad: this will be a spring mix with avocado citrus dressing.
  • Tostada: a crispy corn tortilla fried then topped with avocado, tomato, lettuce and cheese.
  • Milkshake: the main flavor will be Mexican chocolate with cinnamon.
  • Cocktail: described as a "boozy frozen" paloma treat.

There is a catch: these items are only available at one location in New York City for now but could soon be coming to a store near you. Those items that make it through the testing period will be added to the menu.

If you feel like there's no hope, recall that Chipotle's most recent edition - queso - only received mediocre reviews when it was in the testing period and still made it onto the menu and into our hearts eventually.


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