This week's episode of NBC's hit drama 'This Is Us' was another emotional one.  They all are.  At the end of each episode, I look over to my wife and her eyes are red and she's been crying.  And I'll admit it, I've teared up a bit too.  It's because that show is SO easy to relate to.

Every single episode has hit home with me somehow.  The show does a great job at tackling issues and struggles that many of us face.  I don't know how they do it, but there's a lot of times I feel like they wrote the episode just for me.  And the way they do that with the mass audience is really remarkable.

So that brings up a question.  Have you made it through an episode without crying or tearing up?  I honestly don't think we have.  I guess that means you can take away my man card.  I was also talking to David Drew, (afternoons here on B105), and he was talking about how he and his wife are the same way.

And other people are watching this show!  It actually beat The Big Bang Theory in the ratings, which is a big feat in itself.

You can catch up on 'This Is Us' on demand and watch it weekly Tuesday nights on NBC.


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