The Christmas City of the North parade is tonight! We know you're all bundling up and bringing your families down – but we were wondering if you've ever been IN the parade?

We're gathering your best responses – check out our favorites from our callers and on Facebook!


I was a majorette in Wrenshall High School marching band, and froze my butt off because I was in a sequined swimming suit, was snowing, raining, and sleeting, and about 20 below zero with wind. I also had a tiara, marching boots, and a fire baton. But the fire baton didn't even keep me warm.


I was not in the parade until I was part of the station, but I've been in it every year since 2007. (I have a pretty good story about watching it on TV once, though.) Best part: Waving at the crowd when you get to the end of the parade.

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