Harold's Fiasco 2011 was held this past Saturday, August 27, at Pine Hill Golf Course in Carlton, under clear blue skies and just-right temps.  The first golfers arrived shortly after 7a, and the greens were full until after 5p, when the live auction started.  The day was hugely successful, raising over $12,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  I actually golfed this year, which was quite comical!

After approaching the Tee Box, apprehensively.  I gently pushed my tee and ball into the dew covered ground.  Secretly hoping that not picking up a golf club in the past two years, wouldn't hurt my chances of wailing this ball to the first green and impressing, not only myself, but everyone watching from the scoring table. (remind me to move that next year!)

I lined up (skipped the practice swing, I was sure I'd miss the ball completely a couple of times and could call that "practice" to cover it up).  Then, held my breath, closed my eyes and swung!


Whiffed.  I was told I had perfect form, but, somehow the little stinkin' ball is STILL on the tee.  Notice that I am still LOOKING to see where it lands.

However, it was a best ball, scramble and I was with Homie and Peter Duvall who made it much easier on me, and I wasn't bad putting.

In fact, I won the putting contest.  I was the only female to sink it for the contest.  See what a little luck does for ya?

In all seriousness, which it never is at Harold's Fiasco, thank you just doesn't seem like enough.  There are so many people involved with this event, and the Harold's Flippin' Flapjacks, that are "behind the scenes".  They don't hear their name on the radio, I don't get to give them the hug they deserve, and they aren't called out for their time, efforts and dedication in a crowd.  But, year after year, they come back, they keep giving what they can, when they can and they help to make the event/day fun, and the total donation to St. Jude, phenomenal. To anyone/everyone who has a part in making Harold's Fiasco a success, whether you've donated space, food, time, auction or prize items, or came to golf or bought something in the live auction.  My heartfelt thank you, to you and a community that I still call "home",  whose residents I call "family".  Of course to Harold Ankrum and his family, I give you the biggest kudos, if it weren't for your year round efforts and insight to have started the golf outing, Harold's Fiasco wouldn't exist.  Thank YOU and I love you!



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