The Minnesota State Patrol had a very busy August, thanks to the new hands-free law that went into play on the first day of the month.

Throughout the course of the month, they offered updates on how many tickets and citations were given, offering insight into just how many people touch their phones while behind the wheel.

Now, well into a new month, we have a full picture of just how many tickets and citations were given out throughout the entire month - from the very first day the law went into effect to the 31st of August.

According to a post on their Facebook page Wednesday (September 11th), 2,115 drivers were stopped for "failing to comply with the law." Wow!

One week into the new hands-free law, the Minnesota State Patrol had given out about 500 citations and warnings to drivers not abiding by the law. A few weeks in, over 1,000 warnings and citations were given.

And of course, we can't forget the Minnesotan who got pulled over for using their phone while telling their friend about the new hands-free law. Oh, the irony!

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