Many Northlanders look forward to the Empty Bowl Event each year. It's designed to help fund the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, but it does so much more than that.  It brings the community together, whether it's sharing time and talent making the bowls or enjoying soup and conversation on the day of the event.  The opportunity to make bowls for Empty Bowl 2017 in April is available at the Duluth Art Institute, get your friends or group together and have fun making bowls that will ultimately help feed local families.

Empty Bowl is slated to be held at the Depot, 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth on April 11.   Because of the overwhelming support from the community it takes literally hundreds and hundreds of bowls to satisfy the demand.  That's why the crafting and glazing of the bowls needs to start now, months out from the actual day.

On Tuesdays in the month of February the Duluth Art Institute has opportunities for you to make bowls for the Empty Bowl event.  Classes are held from 6-8p at their Lincoln Park Studio, 2229 West 2nd Street in Duluth.  The cost is just $35 and includes instructions on how to make your bowl, materials and you'll even get a ticket to the 24th Annual Empty Bowl event.  Reservations are required, space is limited.  Join the fun by calling 723.1310.

Don't worry if you aren't artistic, treat it as a learning experience.  I talked to Amy at the Duluth Art Institute and she said there were several ways to make bowls, slab, coil or if you could try your hand at what you'll see in this video.


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