I'm not offended if someone calls me a redneck, especially when it comes to this guy's criteria.  I shop at Walmart.  I hunt and fish.  I drive a truck.  I guess that makes me a redneck, but at least I can tell the general region of these towns on a map. 

One of his favorite criteria for making a town a redneck town was the education level.  This guy obviously failed geography.  As most of these towns he points out on a map are nowhere near the actual location.  Why even bother with a map?

1.  Foley.  It's about 150 miles to the south of where he pointed, which would be Deer River, MN.

2.  Ely.  Not too bad.  Pretty close.   Congrats on that one.

3.  Hibbing on route 69?  How about highway 169?  And he's pretty much pointing at Duluth.

4.  Moose Lake, he's laughably far off.  Seriously.

5.  "Take your beat up Chevy" (actually the graphic is a Ford) up Northeast of Minneapolis to Long Prairie.  While he actually got the location right, the fact that he doesn't know where Minneapolis is scary.  Even if you're not from this state you should be able to find Minneapolis, right?

6 & 7 I'll let these ones slide.

8.  Mill-lack-uh.  Not Millluckuh.

9.  I'm starting to think he thinks Duluth is Minneapolis.  I don't get it.

10.  Aitkin-  Yeah this place is pretty redneck, I'll give him that.  He's still a bit too far to the east though.

Anyway, see it here for yourself and see what you think.

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