I'm a big fan of stand up comedy, so when we had the opportunity to interview Greg Warren I jumped at it. I've seen him before on NBC's 'Last Comic Standing', and 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.' Greg has also appeared on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and he's also had his own Comedy Central Presents special. He's a pretty funny guy that has a pretty clean show.

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We had a chance to talk to him on the show, and he was really a gracious guest. He made us laugh easily with his unique brand of humor. It borders self deprecating, but he also gets his shots in. His new special is called "Where The Field Corn Grows." It's all about farming, so you would assume Greg Warren knows a lot about farming. That's not the case, in fact it is just the opposite. Greg knows nothing about farming, and he kinda shines a light on a lot of us who don't know a lot about it either. As Greg explains to us it all started from doing a show in Iowa. He asked a farmer what he grew and the farmer said beans. Greg asked if it was green beans, and the whole audience laughed at him. (It's soy beans.)

The special is about an hour long, and I laughed pretty much the whole way through. He does drift from the farming topic a bit, but always brings it full circle. What I enjoyed the most about this is it was an escape from today's current events. It wasn't an angry stand up about politics or groups of people. It was just a fun hour of distraction, so I encourage you to check it out on Amazon Prime.

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