First it was toilet paper.  Then hand sanitizer.  Tomatoes came next.  2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic brought about a lot of shortages at stores - some due to hoarding, but most because of supply-chain issues.  The shortages caught many off guard.  Somewhere along the way, Grape Nuts cereal became one of those items that was difficult - if not impossible - to find.  Now, it appears that the problem has been corrected.

Post - the makers of Grape Nuts - is announcing that the supply issues that had been problematic for the company are pretty much over.  According to news sources, Post announced that "the cereal will be shipping at full capacity by mid-March".

While the reports that Grape Nuts will be easier to find on grocery store shelves is good news to many, the chance to win free cereal for a year would be even better - for at least ten people.  To apologize for the supply shortage, Post is giving away the free Grape Nuts cereal for a year to ten lucky winners.  And - just for entering, everyone who signs up will get a coupon good for $1.50 off a box of Grape Nuts - and a notification when the popular cereal is back at full capacity.

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The news that the cereal is coming back at full capacity is welcomed by fans.  Some consumers worried that Post has decided to quit producing the brand.  That really concerned many because unlike most cereals that have similar products manufactured and distributed by different brands, Grape Nuts is a unique cereal that has no other off-brand competitors.

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