Since 2013, Grandma's Marathon has more than doubled their security protocols and they will continue to increase security for the 2018 races.

If you participate in or are near Grandma's Marathon races, you may not notice the increased precautions, such as the K-9 units from around Minnesota that are here and working before 4:00 a.m. on race day, or the undercover officers that blend in with the crowds throughout the weekend.

However, you may notice things like gravel-filled trucks blocking Canal Park Drive, along with sand-filled barrels and barricades preventing access to the racecourse in other locations from start to finish.

According to Grandma's Marathon, the 42nd annual weekend of events will continue that safety progression:

Runners may notice more vehicle blockades due to the reroute around Superior Street construction, as well as other areas up the north shore. The not-so-noticeable additions this year will include air support from the Minnesota State Patrol, who will be employing their technology enhanced Cirrus aircraft to ensure efficient traffic management as well as to enhance runner and spectator security.

Grandma's Marathon directors work closely together, with both attending a safety and security summit with the biggest marathon events from around the U.S. to share tactics and identify the best security practices across all areas of an event weekend.

If you're attending the races June 15 - June 16, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • There will be security checkpoints for spectators around the finish line.
  • Drones are not allowed anywhere near the racecourse with the exception of the official Grandma’s Marathon drones marked by the security team.
  • Backpacks are discouraged and if abandoned, will be immediately seized by security officials.
  • Marathon organizers advise you to bring only what you need and use clear bags.
  • No automobiles, bicycles, baby joggers, inline skates, pets or unofficial participants are allowed on the racecourse.

Visit the link below for details on all Grandma's Marathon races and related information.

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