Both President Trump and Vice-President Biden are bringing their campaigns to Minnesota on Friday, and Governor Tim Walz has a message for both.

That message is, "comply with our state’s COVID-19 safety guidelines." In an open letter addressed to both Trump and Biden campaigns, Walz reminds the canidates about the states COVID-19 mandiates.

"To comply with the relevant guidelines, your events generally must not exceed 25% capacity, not to exceed 250 people. You may be able to increase total attendance if you choose a venue with multiple event spaces with separate capacity limits, as long as you limit each separate space to the lesser of 250 people or 25% capacity. Attendees must maintain social distancing of at least six feet at all times, including when entering and exiting the event. Face coverings are required indoors and strongly encouraged outdoors," said Walz.

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Trump has a rally planned for the airport in Bemidji on Friday, generally they are held in a large hangar or just outdoors, and Biden has a stop somewhere in Minnesota on Friday, but the campaign hasn't said where yet.

Wrapping up the letter Walz says, "COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to Minnesota. Over 1,900 Minnesotans have died from the virus, including more than 200 in the past month. Please demonstrate that you value Minnesota by protecting the health of our communities. Join us in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, keep our businesses open, and get back to the activities we love."

Trump campaign stops have come under scrutiny as many people in attendance are often seen without masks (including the President) and often not following social distancing guidelines. Biden on the other hand, is going the complete opposite direction with very small gatherings and he's generally seen wearing a mask while in public.

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