Long story short, I found out several years ago that I have a problem with gluten. It's something that I thought was always made up or meant to be trendy. Once I cut gluten out of my diet, I was amazed at how better I felt. The stomach issues that plagued me went away. I had other symptoms I thought were just part of life go away as well. The biggest problem? Trying to find food that doesn't have wheat in it. It's used in just about everything.

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Oh how I've missed regular crust pizza. Gluten free pizza crust isn't bad, but have you ever tried eating it cold? You can't bite through it. It just doesn't happen.

Breakfast sandwiches? Gone. Hamburger for lunch? No bun please. Pasta? Barilla Gluten Free was my lifesaver. (everything else sucks.)

My wife found out about a product from a friend at work called Gluten Cutter. It claims to have an enzyme that counters and helps the body digest gluten. You are supposed to take 1 or 2 before your meal and then you're not suppose to suffer any of the ill effects.

I gave it a shot. I made sure I didn't have any plans, assuming I was going to get sick. I took one, and then ate a good amount of pizza. Guess what? It worked. I didn't get the full bloating feeling. I didn't have any other stomach problems. I had a normal bowel movement (TMI, I know) the next day.

It really worked. I'm shocked. If you're someone that has had digestive problems before, it's a real big deal to find this solution. I'm going to carry some with me all the time. Surprise office pizza lunches are no longer a buzz kill.

The product cost about 10 bucks on amazon. For 10 bucks it's definitely worth a try!


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