I was up on the Iron Range this weekend getting our hunting land ready for deer opener, and I noticed something rather strange. The birds were acting kind of weird. First off, driving my truck down the dirt road, I hit 3 birds in the matter of two days. It was like they scrambled up from the ditch and flew right into my truck. It was almost alarming.

Then, birds kept flying into our garage and getting stuck. Even after leaving the large garage doors open, they would still fly and peck at the window. I thought, are these birds on something?

Turns out they may very well be.  The Gilbert Police Department issued a statement of Facebook regarding reports of drunk birds. Apparently the early frost we had up north caused berries to ferment quicker than normal.  While the goal was to get people to quit calling 911 over these birds, it was also a tongue in cheek way to have some fun.


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