We waited in anticipation all week for the episode that would feature the Nopeming Sanatorium right in our back door.  Saturday night the episode aired, and many people locally tuned in.  Here's a few thoughts about the show.

They interviewed several people including a professor from what they called the University of Minnesota.  I'm not sure if he was from UMD and the show just didn't know the difference, or if they brought in a guy from Minneapolis?  Either way he had some history for them.

Also they talked to some former workers about what may have happened.  Some gruesome stories came out about the days it was a tuberculosis sanatorium.  They also interviewed a trespasser that said he saw a figure on the gated off balconies.  That's about the best ghost siting on this one.  They also made sure to mention that the trespasser was arrested and grounded for an ENTIRE month from his parents.   SCARY!

They topped it off with an elder from the Fon Du Lac Band of Chippewa touring the place feeling out spirits.

Then, they started their investigation.  My first thought was how over dramatic they made everything.  While going through the tunnels between the hospital and the crematorium, they freaked out about the cracks in the foundation, saying "this place could collapse at anytime."  So instead they sent one guy to "tip toe" down the tunnel.

Really?  Tip toe?  That's a bit dramatic.  And that's exactly what a criticism of the show is- that it's too dramatic.  I get it though, you gotta make something out of sometimes nothing.

At one point during the investigation they saw a shadowy figure that you could see the head and arm.  I didn't see it, but my wife did.  A few other times there was some shadows you could kinda make out, but probably could be explained by something else.  There were loud door slams too and they knew they were the only ones in the building.  While I was doing some research before the show, that said it had happened to other people too.  Maybe they were onto something there.

Best moment?  When the host Zak screamed for help when he got caught up in some wires, thinking it was a ghost grabbing him.  That was a good laugh, but I'm sure I would have screamed like a little girl too.

All in all, it was like most ghost shows.  They didn't really find any solid proof, but a few "funny" things happened.  It was fun thought to see a place where so many of us have some sort of connection to make national TV.  Thanks Ghost Adventures!



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