We are officially one week away from Tyler Farr's big show at Bayfront Festival Park!

He will be performing in Duluth on Thursday, August 2nd. Special guests and opening acts include our own Whiskey Trail, country star Drew Baldridge and Nelly!

I love Tyler and have known every single word to his debut single 'Redneck Crazy' since the day I first heard it on the radio. I've been listening to him a lot lately in an effort to prepare for the show and there's something about this song that makes it a classic.

Watch a special acoustic performance of the hit above.

Don't forget to stop by before the show and hang out with me at the official pre-party! Be at 310 Pub in Canal Park at 3 o'clock sharp for a few hours of fun and prizes. You can get full details here.

I will say this - I hope Farr doesn't take a tumble on stage at Bayfront like he did at one of his shows.

We will see you all at the show!

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