I often say that I love when people fall. I know this probably makes me a bad person and that may be true, but I just can't help it. There's something about someone losing their balance that truly makes me belly laugh. I also fall often and laugh at myself when it happens, so it all balances out, right?

I was cracking up over the weekend when I saw Blake Shelton had taken to Twitter to ask if any of his followers had video of a spill he took at a recent show. When someone sent him footage from afar, he joked he wished it were closer.

The fall itself is pretty epic and reminded me of all the other times I'd read about our favorite country stars eating it on stage. After some extensive research, I compiled a pretty good list of the best ones yet.

Disclaimer: all of them are okay and that's why it's alright to laugh a little bit. Right?

  • 1

    Luke Bryan

    To be honest, Luke has taken many a tumble while onstage. This video was the best I found, mainly because of how out-of-the-blue it appears to be. One minute he's covering a pop tune and the next he's nowhere to be found. If you have some extra time on your hands, head to YouTube and go down the rabbit hole. Hey - at least he is having fun.

  • 2

    Tyler Farr

    We kind of saw this one coming from the second this video started playing. The country star tried to make a leap of sorts and he must have misinterpreted how far he could go. He recovered well but this one looked like it hurt. Hopefully, this doesn't happen again when he comes to Duluth for a visit next month!

  • 3

    Brad Paisley

    Poor guy. He was just trying to shred on the guitar. Things took a bad turn when he was multitasking - running, strumming and getting the crowd hyped. He face planted down a ramp with guitar in hand. It's a good thing he's known for his sense of humor.

  • 4

    Blake Shelton

  • 5

    Tim McGraw

    He was already in close quarters to begin with but he got even closer to the crowd when he accidentally made a small misstep. He kept singing and got right back up, sounding better than ever.

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