Is anyone else still reliving Bayfront Country Jam over and over? It was an amazing show at Bayfront Festival Park and a great kickoff to the holiday weekend in the Twin Ports.

The fourth annual Bayfront Country Jam rocked Duluth on Friday (July 1st) and it was an absolutely incredible night! Not only was the weather perfect but the lineup was great from start to finish.

Hermantown native Rafe Carlson opened the entire show with a mix of originals and covers. He is a frequent guest on The Breakfast Club and even performed at our official pre-show party at Hoops Brewing before heading over to kick off the concert.

Up-and-coming country artist Tyler Rich also opened the show, going on right before headliner Jake Owen. He had a high-energy set and a bunch of songs the crowd knew by heart.

In between the two acts was newcomer George Birge. He was born in Austin, Texas and became a name to watch in Nashville after he posted a song on TikTok. The song is called Beer Beer, Truck Truck and was written in response to a video he saw on the social media site making fun of country songs. 

It seemed like being made fun of, although indirectly, was the best thing to happen to him! His video quickly garnered millions of views. He is now signed to a label in Nashville. According to his official bio, he doesn't want to be thought of as a TikTok star, as he has been working in Nashville for quite awhile.

Now as his star rises, he is on tour across the country. He hit the stage after Rafe Carlson and killed it! If you were wondering what he was doing backstage while he wasn't on stage, wonder no more.

He shared a fun photo prior to his set with headliner Jake Owen. The photo was posted on his Instagram page, showing the two grilling steaks in front of a tour bus. In the photo, Jake is seen rocking crocs and jeans while hanging out during the day.

Jake's shirt says "Locals Only" which makes me think he wants to be a Duluth local or wants to hang with some Duluthians? I might be looking too much into that. Ha! It is fun to see what the crew was up to before going on stage. It looks like they were really making the most of the beautiful day.

As for Jake Owen and his set, he killed it of course! He talked a bunch about Minnesota and even mentioned the Green Bay Packers, which was risky considering he was on Vikings territory at the time.

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Bayfront Country Jam 2022 Featuring Jake Owen

Jake Owen headlined a night of music at Bayfront Country Jam 2022, which also included Tyler Rich, George Birge, and Rafe Carlson.

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