BowFest, the 'World’s Largest Outdoor Archery & Music Festival' returns to Mont du Lac Resort in Superior July 25 through July 28.

BowFest is a four-day 3D archery and outdoor music festival that showcases the latest innovations in archery and hunting, while also providing great concerts from regional and national artists.

This summer, after spending the day admiring things like the world-class shed antler display and looking through over a hundred vendors, on-site restaurants, and bars, you can party with live music from LOCASH and Smash Mouth, all at Mont du Lac Resort, offering unparalleled views of the St. Louis River and Jay Cooke State Park.

Lineup details were recently announced. Smash Mouth, the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum legends, will hit the stage on Friday, July 26, to perform their hits "Can't Get Enough of You Baby", "All Star", "Walkin' on the Sun", "I'm A Believer", and more.

LOCASH, a rockin' country duo known for their high-energy shows, will perform hits like "I Love This Life", "One Big Country Song", "I Know Somebody", and more on Saturday, July 27.

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You won't want to miss either show and now BowFest organizers are making it easier to party all weekend by offering a limited-time ticket deal.

All you have to do is click the button above to save $10 on your BowFest concert tickets, while supplies last.

It's important to note that this deal is only available for the first 1,000 tickets sold, so don't wait to get your tickets and have an amazing weekend this summer at BowFest!

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