While we are all asked to stay home, one thing we can do is get out and enjoy the outdoors.  The Minnesota DNR has a handy app to prevent you from getting lost.

GeoPDF maps help you navigate large remote areas using DNR Geospatial PDFs ("GeoPDFs") on your mobile device.  It displays your current location like Google Maps, but you don't have to be connected to the internet or have cell service while using the maps.

DNR GeoPDF maps that are available include

  • DNR Recreation Basemap
  • Most State Parks
  • OHV Trails
  • Water Trails
  • Some State Forests
  • Trout Stream Angling
  • Water Access
  • State Trails
  • Snowmobile Trails

While you don't need internet or cell service to use the maps, you do need internet service to get them downloaded to your mobile device.

The app is used to read the GeoPDF and display your location.  Those mobile maps are available by clicking here.

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