I gotta be honest with you, I'm a little ticked off at HGTV.  No, it's not because their unrealistic reality TV in general.  This has to do with the fact that Flip or Flop couple Tarek & Christina have been split up for months and the way HGTV has handled it.

The news came out in December, ahead of the holidays.   So you think they might have wanted to re-shoot some holiday promos of the couple, but they went ahead and aired these horrible awkward 'family together' promos. Then we find out, that this entire time they were shooting the promos that they were already separated.  I feel like the child of a divorce where the parents are just together for the kids.  But in this case, they are just together because of the contract, or money.

There's plenty of more gossip coming out every day about the couple.  The rumor is after they run out the contract, the show will be over.   Watching even recent episodes is awkward as you can tell there is something up.  Just yesterday I saw Tarek go off on his own with his friend Pete and flip a house.  They played it off that she was busy with the kids, but with what we know now, it's all been faked just to keep the show going.

We'll see what happens.  Maybe they'll eventually get their own spin off series, but for the time being it's just awkward watching a couple try to mail it in.

Let's just hope Chip & Joanna can keep it together on their show Fixer Upper.  I don't think I could handle that breakup.


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