You may be thinking I'm about to share recipes for appetizers to snack on before Thanksgiving dinner, but the apps I'm about to share involve apps for you phone.  While not as tasty, these apps are calorie free!  Now, getting radioPup so you can listen to B105 is a given.  Here are some fun apps for Thanksgiving:

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The departments store's annual march through the streets of New York has become as much a part of the Thanksgiving tradition as pilgrims and pumpkin pie.

While much of the app is geared toward folks actually attending the parade, there are features that can be helpful even if you're watching from home in a tryptophan haze.

It provides a complete list of participants in the parade, along with their marching order, a history of the event and traffic camera video that shows more views than just those available on TV. If you happen to be in the crowd, it offers info like a detailed map, nearby dining spots and, perhaps most importantly, the location of public restrooms.

Platform: iOS and Android

Use: Make sure to not miss Snoopy

The Professional Chef

Yes, this is a $50 app. (OK, $49.99, but you figure out something to do with that digital penny.)

And it's iPad only. But if you're serious about your kitchen pursuits, this one might just be worth it, and not just for ways to craft haute cuisine giblet gravy.

From the Culinary Institute of America, Professional Chef is designed to maximize what the tablet computer can do. Yes, there are tons of recipes. But there are also instructional videos with Culinary Institute chefs, discussion boards, nearly 750 photos and the ability to highlight and make notes on your favorites.

Downloading the app allows you access to one free chapter (we're not sure if "My Turkey, My Self" is in there), and individual chapters can be purchased for $2.99.

If you're on an even tighter budget, check out Epicurious -- it's free.

Platform: iPad only

Use: Cranberry sauce that would make Richard Blaise proud

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

This one's kind of silly, but hear us out.

While you're slaving over a hot stove, the last thing you need is little Jimmy or Susie underfoot.

So break out your mobile device and give them something to do that's both festive and time-consuming.

In effect, the kids will be able to do virtual finger-painting that won't leave a mess all over the dinner table, which is soon to be groaning under the weight of your bountiful feast.

In this free app, there are 60 colors to choose from to paint turkeys, pumpkins, pilgrims and the like. You can shake your device Etch-A-Sketch style to start over and, when you're done, save your child's master work to a gallery or share it via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Platform: iPhone, iPad and Android

Use: Making Pilgrims purple

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