I'm all about treating your pets nicely, blah blah blah.  But I'm gonna shoot a deer if I can legally shoot one, I'm going to catch fish and filet them up and eat them.  Sorry PETA, get over it.  They are now putting these billboards in cities with the highest amount of shark attacks.  PETA is trying to get across the message that fish feel pain too.

Three days after a 21 year old fisherman was attacked by a shark off the coast of Florida, PETA started putting up billboards.  Come on!  How about they put billboards up next to the streams where bears catch fish.  How dare they!

I can understand some of what PETA does, and if they left good, honest outdoors sports alone I probably wouldn't have much of a problem with them.  But when they start attacking someone's livelihood and fishing, they're going to lose my respect.  Again.


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