Growing up in the small town of Wrenshall,  I am very aware of how important our volunteer fire fighters and EMS crews are.  Most people, especially in the bigger cities pick up the phone to dial 911 and expect help to arrive.  Small town folk do too, but we know that we may see a friend, relative or a neighbor lending a hand to help fight a fire or save a life.

It's extremely comforting and commendable that we have people who are willing to take on such a task.  In every day life, the rescuers are teachers, bank tellers, farmers, mechanics, every walk of life is committed to the camaraderie and families of their community.

As families move in and out of the community the need for more volunteer fire fighters and EMS continues.  Volunteers are needed to meet the need and that is why Douglas County Emergency Management is holding "Be Somebody", a campaign to recruit fire and EMS volunteers.

They will be holding a Kick-Off Event tomorrow, Saturday, May 30 from noon-3p in downtown Brule along US Highway 2.  You'll meet local department personnel, see apparatus from 30+ departments.  You'll learn of the different jobs that one can volunteer doing for instance, if you are unable to do physical work, perhaps you can help with food preparation during emergencies.  See? A job for every skill level.  Even if you don't live in the Brule area, hopefully this will get you thinking of what you can do to assist in your own hometown.

God Bless those that volunteer and keep them safe as they continue to help others in need.

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