We have always chosen Park Point to train for Grandma's Marathon.  Years ago we got up early one morning to do our usual run and were met with lots of people and lots of bargains.  I was hooked!  It's awesome to be able to just walk from house to house for four miles searching for your treasures.

Congrats to the residents of Park Point, this is their 37th Annual rummage sale weekend.  People from Canada and all over the Midwest travel to Park Point to shop these two days.  Parking is easy, you can park along the street, hit a few close sales, then move the car to the next block.  There are porta-potties and food vendors along the way for your shopping comfort.

The sale runs Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10, sorry only Park Point residents are allowed to display their bargains.  I know many people have wondered if they can cart their rummage sale items down to a parking lot on the Point and set up shop, but that isn't allowed.  If you aren't a resident of Park Point, take the day(s) to enjoy a truly unique shopping experience instead!

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