At the end of May, that's opening day at Wade Stadium, and the Huskies made a bold move to round out the roster in the final days.

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, popcorn, peanuts, and all the other food Wade is known for. So far, the Duluth Huskies have been signing some great prospects, like Xavier Carter, Dylan Johnson, and Peyton Powell.

According to the Huskies website, the team signed another West Coaster. Xavier Carter hails from Sacramento, California. He was a redshirt freshman at San Diego State and played first base and in the outfield. Then, the season was cut short by the Pandemic. Carter said he was able to keep his head about him and work on his game. He said COVID helped him to sharpen up and make the most of the time off. He has a high batting and slugging average and looks to be a talented utility player.

Another prospect from the "Golden State", from Blythe, California. The Duluth Huskies say Dylan Johnson is a redshirt Junior outfielder. He played in 30 games for Fresno State. He had 77 at-bats for the Bulldogs. When he came out of high school he had a batting average of .714. Johnson heard about the program up here and how good the league is and wanted to play for the Huskies. He ought to feel right at home, he loves to fish.

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Peyton Powell plays as a catcher, first base, and outfield. the Huskies say he is a true utility player. He comes from Robinson Texas and he has seen a lot of action as a designated hitter. He bats .364 for the Texas Longhorns. He is a designated hitter because he has a .856 on-base percentage. He is a power hitter and a great lead-off hitter. He can "set the table" while the others hit him in.

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