So....there we were....Waseca, MN....campground at night....too hot and buggy outside....bored inside.  What to do? new guilty pleasure!!!

I think the most fun was laughing, playing and talking with my daughter, Kylee and husband, Homie....and we had a lot to talk about........

We had just returned from a visit to the University of MN-Mankato.  A college that my daughter is considering.  We took a 90 minute walking tour of the facility, which was very impressive!  Makes me want to go back to college and take a few classes.

It was a long four hour drive to Waseca, which is about 25 minutes from Mankato.  I couldn't help but think that she could be THIS FAR away from me, in just over a year.  She was only 3 when I started on B105!!!

She's still undecided and we have a lot more family Skip-Bo games ahead of us...which leads me to my original question (sorry, I got a bit melancholy there).

What does your family DO for fun and to pass the time when camping?  Let's share ideas!!!!