This is a new one.

There's a scam going around the Northland and it's targeting Proctor residents.

The Proctor Police Department issued a warning to their Facebook followers, saying that they've learned "a new business has been listed in the City of Proctor."

They gave a few more details in their post, writing:

Lislin Transport is said to work in conjunction with an Auto Broker giving potential buyers the ability to “purchase” a car online AND have it shipped to 1445 East Railroad Ave in Proctor, Minnesota. Victims have wired upwards of $15,000 and never received the vehicles they have “purchased.” We are attempting to find the origin of this company.

Proctor Police also warn that this has hit people far from Proctor as well so don't let your guard down if you see this scam. They also shared a photo of the fake company. See it below:

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