We have some outdoor cedar Adirondack chairs that we really enjoy. We put a water sealer on them because we really liked the natural color of the wood. However, after a couple of years even with the sealant, the chairs eventually turned gray or stained.

These chairs are from my Grandpa who built them for the family. My mom also had a set, and she told me the other day she was going to try a product that claims to rejuvinate old wood and gently lighten the color. I was pretty skeptical, but I figured if she wanted to try it, it's her dime. It's called Savogran Concentrated Wood Bleach.



Then, later that day she sent me this picture:


I was truly shocked. It looks like new where it was applied. We are definitely going to be getting some ourselves and bring our chairs back to life. It's remarkable and I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself.

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