We have had several windy days in a row and according to our WDIO Storm Team meteorologists, we have several more to come.  I have always gauged how windy it is outside by the rockin' and rollin' of the water in the toilets inside, but never really knew why or how that can happen.  Curiosity got the best of me and we now have the answer.

I found the answer from Mat Soniak, of Mental Floss.com has our answer.  He says, it has something to do with the "vent stack" and the air pressure,  part of Bernoulli's principle.  Thank goodness for the vent stack, by the way, it's the reason our houses continue to smell decent.  When the velocity of wind is high, it makes a suction effect in the plumbing system that pulls on the water in your commode, thus creating the movement.  Thanks to Mat, the mystery is solved!

Now if we could just do something with our storm sewer drainage on our street I'd be thrilled!

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