Essentia Health is participating in a clinical study called PREVENTABLE and they are now enrolling older adults to take part.

According to Essentia Health, the study "will investigate whether taking atorvastatin, a drug commonly used to lower cholesterol also called Lipitor®, can help adults aged 75 and older maintain their health by preventing dementia, disability and heart disease."

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The study, which will include more than 20,000 participants and 100 sites across the United States, is one of the largest studies to ever be conducted among older adults.

Patients without heart disease or dementia will be randomized to either receive atorvastatin or placebo. They will then be followed for up to five years while having their memory, thinking and physical abilities tested. They will also be monitored for heart attacks and strokes. To keep things easy and efficient, researchers will follow participants using electronic health records, Medicare data and with phone visits.


“PREVENTABLE is a remarkable study for a number of reasons,” said Dr. Katie Benziger, a cardiologist at the Essentia Health St. Mary’s-Heart & Vascular Center. “Few studies have focused exclusively on individuals aged 75 or older. While statins have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events for some patients, PREVENTABLE will help us learn whether they are helpful for older adults without heart disease.”

You can click on the button below and watch the related video to learn more about PREVENTABLE. If you'd like more information on study enrollment locally, you invited to contact Ryan Thiel, research and evaluation specialist at Essentia Health, at (218) 786-8856 or

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