Happy Mothers Day weekend!  Country music is great at telling real life stories, so of course there are plenty of songs that deal with moms.

Here are 5 such songs for you to enjoy over the weekend.

In My Daughter's Eyes - by Martina McBride

Martina is a proud mommy and this song is all about that pride.

I Hope You Dance - by Lee Ann Womack
This song doesn't mention moms specifically, but it was written from the perspective of a mother providing life advice for her children.

Mama's Song - by Carrie Underwood
You can't go wrong having Carrie Underwood singing to her mom about the great job she did and how she's ready to take the next step in her life.

Somebody's Hero - by Jamie O'Neal
Jamie O'Neal's tribute to a mom throughout her life is a great salute to all moms.

Hot Mama - by Trace Adkins
Okay, this isn't for your mom unless maybe you're Norman Bates.  This song allows the guys out there to give a shout out to the awesome mother of their children.









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