Minnesota's first electronic pulltab devices were given final approval Tuesday morning and will be immediately made available across the state.  While these devices were a part of the stadium funding plan for the Minnesota Vikings, it covers more than that.

The Minnesota Gambling Control Board claims that going electronic will not only benefit the Minnesota Vikings stadium, but that all organizations that have used paper pulltabs to generate revenue should see an increase in that revenue stream.

StarTribune.com is reporting that the Minnesota Legislature approved the expansion of pull tab gambling earlier this year to fund most of it's share of the stadium, $350 million of the $975 million cost.

Five pulltab games have been approved and in the months ahead, more games will be introduced and more charities will offer the colorful video games to pulltab fans across the state. The charities that run the gambling operations, as well as the bars and restaurants they operate in, hope the electronic games will bring new players and new profits.



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