While the design for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium looks amazing, environmentalists looked at all glass in the design and saw it as a potential bird killer.   It was then that they requested a special glass that would help prevent birds from crashing into the stadium.  The Vikings, seeing not only the additional costs of the glass and but also how it would take away from the fan experience, declined to use that special glass.

It was then that the battle between the Vikings and environmentalists was on, with legal action not out of the question.  However, thanks to Minnesota based 3M, there may be a solution to make everyone happy, especially the birds.

StarTribune.com is reporting that that 3M has a potentially bird-saving film that could be used on the glass.  It would also be invisible to the naked eye, keeping stadium developers happy and it could possible save the lives of thousands of birds every year.

While there is no guarantee, testing of the 3M film is expected to begin during this spring’s migratory season.

Let's hope that the testing goes perfectly and everyone can be happy, especially my sister Judy who works with birds in Minneapolis and was recently selling off all her Vikings merchandise in preparation of becoming a Seahawks fan.

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