I am someone who is not completely sold on an electric car. Granted these cars are far more common than ever and are the smart choice for many consumers. Plus, if states start to go the way of California years down the road all the cars will be electric or some form besides running on gas. I am just all about convenience and there are many more gas stations around than electric charging stations obviously and if I am running low on gas I am confident relief is in sight.

But for those that do have these types of vehicles or are maybe thinking of getting one the future at least in Minnesota is looking pretty bright to help keep it charged and you on the road. Over the next five years, the state of Minnesota is expected to get $68 million from the federal infrastructure law.

So what does this mean for electric drivers in Minnesota? The Minnesota Department of Transportation is planning to build an electric vehicle charging network. This network in its first phase is to install a total of 16 charging stations along interstates 94 and 35 by the end of 2024.

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Siri Simons, MnDOT's project lead on the EV infrastructure plan, said in an interview as reported by FOX9:

Ultimately the goal is to create a convenient, accessible, and reliable network throughout the state. We know it won’t happen in the first year, but we do hope that by the end of the program many more Minnesotans feel comfortable driving EVs throughout the state of Minnesota.

Right now fewer than 3% of new car sales in Minnesota are electric vehicles. Industry officials say that anxiety of charging stations being out of range and decreased battery performance in the winter have presented some obstacles to sales. But with these additional charging stations being put into place this will be helpful in the future.

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