We were recently kayaking on the St. Louis River when I thought about an Asian Carp coming out of the water and slapping me in the face, ewwwww!  I was assured that wouldn't happen, at least yet.  They haven't made their way up this far, but they're being proactive to make sure they don't and your idea could "net" (get it?) some cash.

Remember, it needs to be "your" idea and it should be a viable way to keep Asian Carp from reaching the Great Lakes.  While it's the state of Michigan that is putting up the cash, everyone that enjoys the amenities of the the Great Lakes and other waterways will benefit.  They're calling it the Invasive Carp Challenge.  Again, ultimately, we will all benefit to make sure they don't spread.

Your idea needs to be submitted in writing and online by October 31 of this year.  They hope to award more than one idea and spread the cash prize around, so odds are good, if your idea is!

I would be horrified to be fishing or kayaking and get slapped in the face by an Asian Carp so I am hoping that some great ideas come from this contest.  This is a video of how crazy it can get when there is an infestation of a lake or river.  Scary!


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