Some parts of the Northland received substantial snow last night. Near Orr, MN they got 9 inches! If you're like me, this is great news because I snowmobile! But, it's important to remember that trails don't open until December 1st, and you need to stay off them until then.

Property owners often allow trails to cross their property. It's out of the kindness of their heart, not a right that we have. That's why you always need to stay on the trails. If you're off playing in deep powder off the trail, you're actually in a lot of cases ripping around on someone's private property.

This time of year, landowners have not techinically given you permission to ride on those sections of trails that they own the land to. The season begins Statewide in Minnesota on December 1st. Not a day earlier.

Also, swamps aren't frozen yet. Lakes aren't safe, and trail conditions aren't ready. So, you got to be patient before you head out. Here is hoping it's a great year!

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