It's happening. It's really happening! Costco has officially cleared land for their new location in the area.

According to the Development Tracker Duluth, the superstore has started to clear land for the new store at the northwest corner of Haines Road and Arrowhead Road in Duluth. Their report states that the new location will be massive, with nearly 54 acres of land, a nearly 160,000 square foot building, over 700 parking spaces and a gas station.

This means we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because there have been rumors and reports of a Costco coming to the area for years. One recent example of this comes from October of 2019. At the time, there were reports that Costco was coming to the area, even filing an application for development in Duluth. In March, this was no longer, as Costco terminated their purchase agreement.

The Development Tracker Duluth reports that Costco has been looking at Duluth as a potential store location for nearly six years. Let's hope this time it really sticks - which by the looks of it, it will!

If all goes as planned, it looks like the new store will be opening in the spring of 2021. This is a great reason to look forward to next year!

Costco is a warehouse store similar to Sam's Club. They sell items in bulk, like food, drinks and other treats. They also sell household essentials, clothing, electronics, home decor and more. They also sell gas, hence the mention of the gas pump above. To roam the store, you must have a membership so start saving up!

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