Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival is a full week of live music and other related events spread out over several Northland venues.

The 2022 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival is scheduled to take place from Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, May 8 and with an event this sprawling, it takes a lot of people to make it all come together and organizers need more volunteers to help out in a variety of roles.

The call for volunteers was sent out through social media and their website as they would like to fill a variety of positions and there are training sessions scheduled in April.

Those interested to volunteer could sign up for 3 different positions. Here they are, along with a sample of the responsibilities they each entail. You can see the complete list of responsibilities through their website.

Venue Manager

  • Serve as the main liaison between multiple groups of people at a Homegrown sponsored venue including venue staff, sound person, band members and Homegrown volunteers.
  • Responsible for managing volunteers to take money, put on wristbands and check for wristbands at the door(s) of a venue.
  • Responsible for assuring money is secure and safe.
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Venue Volunteer

  • Work with Venue Manager to take money, put on wristbands and check for wristbands at the door of a Homegrown sponsored venue
  • Assist in assuring money is secure and safe.
  • Assist in collecting leftover wristbands and cash at the end of your shift.
  • Serve as a Homegrown Ambassador

Field Guide Distribution Volunteer

  • Distributes the Homegrown Field Guide to local organizations and business within a specific neighborhood. Time varies by size of neighborhoods.

Volunteers can sign up for specific days and venues based on their availability as well as where volunteers are needed each day.

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