Marine Cpl.  Mark Litynksi served two tours in Afghanistan for his country.  During his second tour, he volunteered to take point on foot patrol.  Sadly, he stepped on an IED that day, losing both legs, and his left arm.  He also suffered a broken pelvis.  After two months, he was already up and walking on his first set of prosthetics. Now Cpl. Litynksi will have a custom Smart Home built for him and his family.

Building For America's Bravest has partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation and Stephen Stiller Tunnels to Towers and it's donors to build a custom designed "Smart Home."  The home will feature many automated features that can be controlled via electronics.  Here's an example of what these homes are like for other veterans that have received them.


A groundbreaking ceremony will take place this Thursday at 6340 Arnold Road in Duluth at 10:00 AM.



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