This is simply an incredible thing to do - the Duluth Transit Authority is offering free rides on New Year's Eve.

The DTA has partnered with a bunch of local organizations, including Townsquare Media, to give sober rides on December 31st.

According to a press release, the free rides will begin at 5 p.m. sharp on Monday and will continue even after midnight, as they extend their usual routes in honor of the holiday. The last bus will leave the Duluth Transportation Center in Downtown Duluth at 2:55 in the morning.

The service area includes all of Duluth and Superior.

This is an absolutely incredible thing to be a part of. New Year's Eve is meant to be a fun holiday, ringing in a new year and celebrating new beginnings. However, with that comes the risk of people getting behind the wheel and potentially injuring themselves or someone else.

By the way - this isn't the first time the DTA has done something like this. On Election Day back in November, they offered free rides to the polls.

A small gesture like this sure goes a long way!

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