It's been a while since we've had a snow storm like we did yesterday.  Luckily all my friends and family were safe throughout the storm, so it actually turned out to be a fun day filled with excitement.  Like my co-host Cathy said today, it actually forced her to spend more time together with the family.  Not that she doesn't want to, but because she's always so busy or because everyone is always running around.

When we get a blizzard like we did yesterday, it also brings everyone together to battle the weather.  I helped push out a few cars in the grocery store parking lot, and then someone helped me push out my truck too.  (It was so bad, that 4 wheel drive trucks were getting stuck.)

I also drove my neighbor over to pick up her son from daycare, and when we got back home all the kids played together out in the snow.  It's strange that it was Feb 29th, and it's the first time they played outside together.  Neighbor's we hadn't seen in quite a while were out blowing snow, shoveling, and waving back at each other.

It was fun because it gave us all something to do, and a reason to spend time together.  Not to mention, it was pretty good snow ball weather!