Add this to Jordan Schmidt's resume.

The Duluth native has scored yet another number one country song. The lucky tune this time around is God's Country by the one and only Blake Shelton. The hit was written by Schmidt, along with artist Devin Dawson and up-and-comer HARDY.

The song was released just a few short months ago but has quickly climbed the charts, becoming one of the biggest songs of the year (it's already platinum!) and garnering critical acclaim alike.

Blake himself tweeted about the song hitting the top spot on the charts, thanking his fans and calling the song his biggest hit yet. He also took a moment to thank the songwriters, including Schmidt. Check it out below:


This is not Schmidt's first rodeo, however. He has penned some of the biggest songs in country over the past few years, including monster tune 'What Ifs' with Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina. He's also written hit tracks for Jason Aldean, Mitchell Tenpenney and Florida Georgia Line.

We can't wait to see which song he will pen next!

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