Do you know how old the Duluth Public Library is?  Only 35 year old, I was shocked!  Of course with a building of that age there are concerns about how energy efficient it is and there have been laws that force the building to comply with.  SO, spend $35 or $15 million?  What do you think?  Do you utilize our public library?

When I was going through a life altering experience I have to say that the Duluth Public Library was a God send.  It provided hours of fun for Kylee, my daughter, because they had a super cool play area and I had countless books to read her.  They rented movies for our weekends together too.  It was a very inexpensive way to make memories together for a single mom.  But, now that she's 21, we haven't used the library in years.  She is a student at UMD and utilizes their library now.

Still, a brand new library may just peak the interest of people like me that haven't darkened their doorstep in years.  I blog about the countless wonderful programs they have for children and families and of course, their classes they hold that are usually free to the public.  I always have the intentions to attend some of them, but in the end, let housework or other tasks get in the way.

I understand the need to upgrade and expand and appreciate our library workers for all they do and want them to keep their jobs, so I know that something needs to be done.  But how much money we spend will determine if we get a brand new library or a remodel to the existing facility.

They had a public meeting that many community members attened, so it IS a hot topic in the city.  At that meeting they presented four scenarios asking the public what their thoughts were.

What do you think?  Spend the money and get a whole new library or do you think we can get the same service from spending less and just remodeling?  Review all four options from the Duluth Public Library website before answering.





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