It seems a new scam presents itself every week or so and the Duluth Police Department is warning residents of one such scam involving door-to-door sales.

On Tuesday, they posted the following warning on their Facebook page:

We've received a report of an individual going door to door selling asphalt at a reduced price. The scammer's story is that he's in from out of town and has extra product so he can get you a good deal on your paving project. If you feel you have been taken advantage of by this scam and have experienced a financial loss, call 911.


The bottom line is that it's never a great idea to give money to strangers who show up unsolicited at your door promising a deal that seems too good to be true.

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According to, here are some helpful tips to avoid common door-to-door scams:

  • Never respond to unsolicited offers of service.
  • If you need services or repairs done on your property or in your home, make a point of scheduling these appointments to avoid uncertainty over who is and is not legitimate.
  • Always ask for identification.
  • Have unexpected service people wait outside while you contact their company or employer at their main phone number. Be sure to look up the company’s contact information in the phone book or online. Do not use the number listed on the individual’s business card, as it may be fake.
  • Ask the person to leave their information and return next week. This will give you plenty of time to verify their credentials and the validity of the visit.
    If you live alone, never share this information with an unsolicited visitor.
  • Never give cash to door-to-door people who are offering a service or demanding payment.
  • Be cautious of people that demand immediate and up-front payment.
  • Report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.
  • Tell your neighbors about any unusual experiences you have had or observed. This could help them avoid becoming victims.
  • Keep your doors locked, even while you are home.


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