The Duluth Police Department has released a series of photos and wants the public's help in trying to identify the individual in them.

The photos were shared on their Facebook page Thursday morning. In the pictures, you can clearly make out the person. Take a look at the photos below:


According to the information released by the Duluth Police Department, the crime in question was a theft, which occurred on Sunday, March 3rd. It happened just before 7 that morning.

The Break Room's courtesy shuttle van was stolen. The Break Room is a pool hall, bar and kitchen. They offer free rides to the bar and back in an effort to avoid drunk driving. It's located on East 4th Street in Duluth.

If you recognize the person in the photos, you are asked to call the department's Property Crimes line. They can be rached at 218-730-5160.

Stealing anything is awful but this is a new level of terrible. The bar offers free rides for a good cause, which has probably saved lives.

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