The Hands Free Law in Minnesota has been in effect since this summer and yet many motorists have been cited for violating it, as this video from the Duluth Police Department illustrates.

For many motorists, breaking habits with cell phones can be very difficult.  The thought may be that a quick glance at a text won't hurt anything.  However, that quick glance could lead to a tragic, life changing event.

As the video suggests, here are ways to stay safe and within the law:

  • Get a dash mount
  • Put you phone on "do not disturb" mode
  • Use text to talk
  • Put you phone in your trunk, or anywhere out of reach
  • Use one ear bud
  • Link your phone to your car's Bluetooth

Personally, I've made it a point to put my phone out of site when I drive and only use Bluetooth when absolutely necessary.  I did take some getting used to, but now I don't miss it much at all.

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