If you're like many other parents, the impact from COVID-19 has hit hard for many reasons including how to keep your kids busy.  A lot of us still have to work and find a balance of keeping kids entertained.  The tough issue with younger kids is you can't just send them out to play by themselves.

While you do need to be there, the Duluth Parks & Recreation Department is offering something fun for kids and adults to participate in.  It's outdoors and will help kids get some exercise too.  You can now rent a trike, big wheel, balance bike, or other riding toy for just $3.00.  It's at the Bayfront Family Center, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through August 30th.

The park will have their paved riding path available for riding laps.  In addition, there are other activities and lawn games to participate in, all for under $5.00.  It's open to kids 0-5 years old with a parent.  You can even rent the toys for the weekend too, the full list of what you can rent, prices, and times is available HERE.  You can event rent and pick-up and drop-off contactless to help keep everyone safer.   You can also call The Duluth Parks & Recreation Department at: 218-730-4300 for more information on everything they have available and going on for kids and families.

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Even if you don't go to Bayfront any of the weekends, the rentals are nice to give some more options for keeping the kids entertained at home.

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