First, we are hip. Now we are underrated. I guess if we have to top a list, these aren't too shabby.

Online magazine has released a list of the most underrated city in each state. Duluth was the big winner for the Land of 10,000 Lakes. This is actually a huge compliment because it means others see how awesome the city is.

So what makes Duluth so underrated? Here's what they have to say.

First and foremost, the website says Duluth is sometimes underrated because most people head straight to the cities if they are visiting Minnesota. Aside from having no big ball of twine (their words, not ours), Duluth has just as much to offer as Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

They have a point when they say Duluth "packs everything great about Minnesota." We have food, outdoor activities galore and beautiful scenery. We are even based around a lake. Enough said.

The site also credits our amazing culture, using Leif Erikson Park as a great example. Where else can one take a stroll and see a Viking ship all at once?!

Our food isn't too shabby either. According to the site, Duluth has "better food than you're probably expecting from a city further north than Toronto." Ha! Duluth's Best Bread, based in Lincoln Park, and Pickwick were given honorable mentions here for their food and treats.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company was also shown some love, being named one of the best breweries in Minnesota.

Of course we could come up with a million more reasons Duluth is amazing but for now, we will be basking in the glory of being underrated.

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