Both the City of Duluth and the City of Superior have postponed all 4th of July events and festivities, and both have named either a tentative date or a replacement date.

The DECC posted for the City of Duluth and posted for Fourthfest, sharing the new plans for Duluth. The fireworks, which were to be held in conjunction with the DECC, announced that they are looking at July 8th as a new date and everything scheduled for Monday evening, but do be aware this is only tentative. More information will be coming soon.

The City of Superior called their festivities off earlier today by way of Mayor Jim Paine on his Facebook page and the City of Superior also posted on their Facebook page.

The City of Superior announced they will move all of their remaining festivities to Labor Day Weekend. They haven't announced a day of the weekend yet, whether it will be on the weekend or on Labor Day Monday.

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Superior did hold their parade but postponed all other events scheduled for today. The nightmare for both cities is hoping the bands, musicians, and others participating in the festivities will have that time open. The performers may have to change.

The last time both cities were postponed or canceled was during the pandemic when the fear was that too many people were going to gather to see the fireworks and it just wasn't safe. The only thing similar in this situation is that it's not safe to load the fireworks for those workers who will be on the barges.

We will have to wait to hear more from both cities as to what will happen with dates and events.

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