The Duluth Transit Authority issued a press release giving the public a notice of service changes that go into effect on August 25. Some of the under utilized routes will be dropped, and some more routes will be added based on performance and service requests.

Route 5: One AM trip added from New Duluth to Mall Area. Departs New Duluth at 5:58am., arriving at Lake Superior College at 6:34am., and Mall Door 8 at 6:40am.

Route 15: Saturday “From Downtown” trips adjusted from :45 after the hour to :55. “To Downtown” trip departing Park Point at 6:04pm. adjusted to 6:13pm.

Route 20: Route eliminated due to low ridership.

Route 22: Route eliminated due to low ridership.

Route 24: New route added which serves Superior Street in the downtown area, and the Bayfront area, including the Aquarium, DECC, Vista Docks, William A. Irvin museum, and Marcus Duluth Cinema.

You can get more information at their website by clicking the button below. You can learn about the route changes, and even sign up for alerts. If you've never rode the DTA before, you can use their trip planner to find the routes you need with just a few clicks.


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